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H265 Camera

D.S.S. H265 cameras is aim to cut down usage of storage without decrease any camera quality. High technology performance would change the definition of surveillance.

Network Camera

D.S.S. Network cameras enhanced the camera function that brings high quality video and perfect performance.

D.S.S. AHD camera is uses megapixel to replace and improve traditional analog system. Small changes could bring your system in a high performance standard. 

AHD Camera

D.S.S. Analog camera has evolve function for best video quality and performance. Design of it is aim to be user friendly.

Analog Camera

As a heart of the system, D.S.S. recorder is monitor closely for stability and performance to ensure every single of detail is the best. 


Accessories are always the keys for the entire project when functioning. As a full solution provider, D.S.S. provides every single device with accessories to ensure the system quality.


D.S.S. maximum the PTZ Camera function with key feature to brings you re-knowledge the definition for PTZ Camera.


Consider safety reason, many project is require monitor in every minute. D.S.S. provides different scale 24 x 7 hours monitor to maximize the ability of surveillance.

Security Monitor

Effective range is always the issue for a system. Fiber could solve most effective range problem by using "Light". D.S.S. evolve both Optical fiber and Plastic Optical fiber(POF) for noise resistance and effective range.


D.S.S. Theraml camera is uses temperature to detect any abnormal appoint the environment. 

Thermal Camera